Italian Dining

Queens, NY

Are you in search of a wonderful local Italian restaurant that provides exquisite Italian dining at the most competitive prices? Would you like to enjoy a unique culinary experience in a local Italian restaurant in Queens, NY? Well, you are definitely in the right place! Welcome to Caffe dei Fiori where we have a long-standing reputation for offering the best Italian food in Queens, NY and other surrounding areas. Our superb menu offers a wide range of different meals and dishes that are sure to satisfy your craving for some authentic, homemade Italian food. Our main aim is to provide all our customers with the best quality meals at the most competitive prices. This is why we always insist on using the best natural ingredients that are guaranteed to give each meal a uniquely divine and tantalizing taste that cannot be found anywhere else. Not only do we have the best Italian food in and around Queens, NY, but we also host some of the most talented and highly skilled culinary experts who are profoundly experienced in handling all types of fish, meats and cheeses so as to prepare exclusive Italian family dishes with a modern twist.

Some of our more notable dishes include Tagliardi pasta combined with Nantucket scallops, zucchini clams and leeks as well as the uniquely-prepared Filet Mignon grilled with Barolo wine reduction and some wild mushrooms. Our impressive wine-cellar contains several regional specialties, such as Bibbiano Chianti Classico and Poggio dei Gorleri. Here at Caffe dei Fiori, we always strive to provide the best services in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Our greatest fulfillment comes from seeing you walk out of our restaurant completely satisfied and eager to return soon for more. For reservations, call us today or you could visit our website at for online bookings. We urge you to come and enjoy an exceptional Italian dining experience at Caffe dei Fiori, we look forward to the privilege of serving you.